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listen when you're drunk, and you have nothing else to do.

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Track Name: Thunderbolt Master.
Go outside.
Ride your bike.
I won't stop.
Until the sun rises.
Track Name: Essential.
pass the bread and wine.
can't describe how i'm feeling inside.
pass the heart and soul.
so i can feel you, from the inside out.
I hope you remember this.
I hope you keep your promises.
the only thing I hope for.
is for you to remember me.
Track Name: Between your Band and the Other Band.
I'm missing all my friends
Losing touch
Maybe I love you
You're too much
Will I see you again?
Yeah probably not
I'm serious
Raise confidence

Hoping growing confidence is gonna make you stay
Well every time you talk I love everything you say
Everything we try to start there's something in the way
I'll pass it off

Well it cost dollars to write this song
For gas money and a ride home
Well I thought it through
And i'm better now
Such a long time
Step down

Knowing that you're so close only hangs me up again
Suffice to say the price I pay won't matter in the end
This is something I can't even talk about with friends
I'll pass it off

I'm never gonna wait
When the sun comes up
Well I can never worry about you enough
Everything I say is obvious
I'm nothing good
I'm death to us

Well I get caught up in these routines
The time I get home
The way I sing
And these songs I write
They aren't me
I'm terrible
I'm in between
Track Name: Slam Dunk.
I tried to get you back.
But I just fail.
With every attempt I tell you.
I can't see myself with anyone else.
Blue skies have gone to hell.
There's no one else.
We are going through rough times.
I see light in the distance.
My hopes have gone to shit.
I'm wishing you well.
Track Name: Yours Truly.
so we'll never start a band again
never be best friends again
second chances hopeful
but you do what you always do
ditch me for your easy friends
then try our best to make amends
and as summer ends i wish that things were different
but now we're distant and that's it
yours truly
i'll keep to myself like i should
finally things are getting good
and maybe i'm afraid
that i might not see another day
not so good, another fight
at least i'll try to absorb delight?
we're stuck at the last dead end
so please tell me now, are we still fucking friends?
yours truly
i know that i can be difficult at times
i know i tried, i swear i fucking tried
and if im wrong
sometimes i can't always see
but this ones on your things will heal eventually
Track Name: ..And the Rest is Noise.
I feel
the tension all around us.
we know
there isn't a goodbye.
you stated
you wanted a goodbye.
I know now
how much you hated hellos.
Track Name: Bike Stop.
come here a little closer now,
and ill try not to be afraid somehow
the sun is bright and dangerous
but there is truth in all its rays
perfect crime
a perfect ending
can't expect me to be all you want
can't expect me to be all you need

tell me about the future
tell me about this summer time you speak about
show me all your secrets
tell me everything that you've been hiding all these years
tell me about the future
tell me about this summer time you speak about
show me all your secrets
tell me everything that you've been hiding for so long.