by of Architects

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released January 1, 2012

In memory of Joaquin Luna
Dedicated to: Undocumented Students, Friends and Family



all rights reserved


of Architects Chicago, Illinois

listen when you're drunk, and you have nothing else to do.

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Track Name: Bellewood
walking through the streets of bellewood.
I walk and I scream for attention,
then I thought someone mentioned to me.
I can make this all better:
"just be chill, be honest, be real with me."
you're not honest, cheap with your answers.
(but i like you that way)
and i can barely make you smile
I wave and i hint that i still like you
but you always fuck me up
(in a million different ways)
Track Name: Bankrupt on Selling.
Well all the Apostles-they're sitting in swings
Saying "I'd sell off my Savior for a set of new rings,
And some sandles with the style of straps that cling best to the era"
So all of the businessers in their unlimited
Hell where they buy and they sell and they sell all their
Trash to each other but they're sick of it all
And they're bankrupt on selling
And all of the angels
They'd sell off your soul for a set of new wings and anything gold
They remember
The people they loved their old friends
And I've seen through'em all seen through 'em all and seen through most everything
All the people you knew were the actors
All the people you knew were the actors
Well, I'll go to college and I'll learn some big words

And I'll talk real loud
Goddamn right I'll be heard
You'll remember the guy that said all those big words he must've

Learned in college
And it took a long time
I came clean with myself
I come clean out of love with my lover
I still love her
Track Name: Elephant
we will know when we're dying.
i can't stop her from going.
& I'm hoping, wishing you the best.
i miss her.
i wonder if you still think about me
if we are anything at all
& i'm wishing, hoping you the best
maybe i'll see you around in time.
Track Name: Little Village.
contemplate a new plan
reconfigure all former friends
bottoms up, dude.
(we're alright)
we're going to forget everything
All your angels in the sky
call my name every night
prefixes and symbols
all make sense to me
when i dream.
"why am I not going under?"
Track Name: My Baseball Shirt.
i'm sick and tired of being alone at night
getting homesick is one thing that i can't fight
i'm getting tired of this stupid routine
getting sick is too much, you're too much for me.
(got a time and place for everything)
crunching the hours until i see you again.
walking tall always casts a shadows bend.
behind the allies and freeways
"i'll be there always, always"
(got a time and place for everything)
and everything's going to be okay
everything's going to be just great
you look best in my baseball shirts
coming home at two in the morning.
Track Name: Spirit Desire.
waiting for the sun but i know that it'll come
i feel reborn when you touch my arm
whole new view, feel better when i talk to you
i get scared with what i wear
and even when you yell i still love your belly
it's true
riding it through the night
straight through

it still feels new when i talk to you
i feel reborn when the sun gets warm
it's hard but i feel better when i'm not inside
i get scared you'll leave me soon
even though we call each other every afternoon
it's true
it took a little time but i know you

i'm not bored at all
you can call me when you want to call

i used to want to show you every single line
now it's hard for me to show you anything i write
i know that i get nervous when we're not alone
but i wait for you for hours when we're coming home
when we started talking i got so excited
and i swear i tried to go out every single night
i know that you will always be the one who's my

spirit desire
spend my time
tell me that you're always going to be my life

i'm not bored at all
you can call me when you want to call
Track Name: Psychology.
losing sleep
not getting anywhere.
there's damage to the left hemisphere.
(into your nightmare)
we'll sit down and do nothing at all
"expect things to change really soon"
he said.
(into your nightmare)
Track Name: Wait.
Every town has a diner
Where I'll meet you
And your friends, too
Things are just a bit nicer over some coffee
You can tell me all about your day
I don't know much about you
Not that I want to
Not that I want to
Sometimes I can't escape from my room
So excuse me
I'll be just a little late

You will wait for me

Every town has a corner
Where I'll see you
And your friends, too
Hanging out, looking cool
Saying the same things
Over and over again
Sometimes we all feel stupid
We say the wrong things
You're not the only one
Sometimes we all get left behind
In a race of style
It's a dumb thing

You will wait for me