Don't Try

by of Architects

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released August 3, 2012



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of Architects Chicago, Illinois

listen when you're drunk, and you have nothing else to do.

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Track Name: Reverie
there will come a day
when you’ll probably think of me
skin and bone,
wrapped around your weak heart
and i’ve been dreaming,
of you every night
i hate it more than you think
when i wake up, is when i drink up
i hope you’re happy, its summer
we all know what goes down
all of your favorite tv shows
i’ve been dreaming of
you every single night
and i’ve been dreaming
and i hate it more than you think
Track Name: Theories of Rehydration
all dried up
i spent my last thirty on drugs
i drowned again
on the thought of you, oh shit
i thought i had you
(i can't say that i'll let you in)
Track Name: Sunburn
i’ve got a plan, to get you back
& if all else fails, well goddamn at least i tried
& i don’t give a fuck, about how this turns out
i don’t give a fuck that god is a child
he’s just like me
my plants are thirsty
need water, they’re just like me
now i don’t give a damn
(you know everything)
& i don’t give a damn
Track Name: Soul Jazz
breathing out is hard to do
when you got nothing to prove
and nothing to lose, oh god

feel my arm around your neck
do you miss being cute?
lets just be friends, oh god

i don't remember a single time
where you didn't look at me
with those eyes, that's fine
(i guess that's fine)

Yellow birds, hangman words
late night walks, trips to different parks
yeah that's fine
Track Name: Odds/Evens/Heads/Tails
found another four-leaf clover outside your door
outside your basement window,
oh what are the odds?
you gave me another bloody nose;
blood which stained my clothes
oh what are the odds? that will ever happen again.
i touched your hand, i got that same feeling again
oh what are the odds?
(just wait and see)
Still wearing my ramones bracelet
there will be cold days,
you’ll wear my sweaters
to keep you warm
you’ll tell your dude, that they’re your brothers
then you’ll know, what the fucks up
what the fucks really up with your feelings
Track Name: Chill Summer
I'm packing some things and i'm leaving soon
We'll probably meet again somewhere someday
I know you're doing fine, i'm not worried
I just hope you're having fun
I've been waiting, to tell you some things