Organic Anthems

by of Architects

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released June 17, 2013



all rights reserved


of Architects Chicago, Illinois

listen when you're drunk, and you have nothing else to do.

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Track Name: Cool
to see the setting sun again with you is a dream
a perfect one at best
maybe one day you'll like me, like the other guys
you have such perfect reach, perfect teeth
just remember what you used to tell me
i was the only one you'll need
that it was cool with me
you were sure that i was right
it was cool with me
i'll never be as cool as those guys
i'll never be chill and yours
Track Name: Nylon Tymes
i saw you at your worst
walking around on pulaski
drinking a small bottle of whiskey
still a lot for your frame
i saw you at your best
laughing so much you cried
didn't even want to try
drinking shots like water
when i fall in love again
i'll be in a new town, i hope
you'll find someone to treat you
like you so much deserve
Track Name: Lodging
diane i know, that i'm just a baby
i found the door, it makes sense to me
in my room, with the curtains drawn
in my world, there's something wrong
black timing, i see the truth
and my lodging, i thought it through
and i suppose, you put the needle on the record
when there's a setting sun, it takes strength to remember
the aftermath, the smiling bag
that the lodge is black
where's pulaski at?
where jacobi at?
i was told, twenty years ago
on the northern shore
bob unfolds
no more i implore